Monday, October 11, 2010

In need of change right now.

So.. I've moved in with my mother now, as of the end of August. Things are not all right. My mother is jobless, my sister doesn't work and it's just basically me, bringing home the bacon, as it were to say.

Unfortunately it leaves me with little time to even think nowadays. I'm short-tempered, completely exhausted and with every other word that happens to fall out of my mouth I tend to say the wrong thing. I'm seriously looking at my life and while I'm not depressed - things are REALLY hard right now.
The fact is that we're dirt poor and living off a part-timer (with full-timer's hours)'s salary - three person family, coupled with a 1250$ monthly rent.

I'm so stressed out. I don't even want to talk about work. I want them all just to blend together, hoping that one day soon mum finds a job so I can finally fucking relax. Every night I can't seem to sleep enough - even if I go to bed at 20h - and there is no other thought in my mind other than 'need to make money'.

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