Saturday, May 15, 2010


So regarding the process of Cart Cart Revolution and the breakdown:

1. BellaRoi is the writer
2. BellaRoi is the scriptor
3. BellaRoi is the drafter (panel placement and general idea movements EX: page 6 drafted)
4. I do the line-art
5. BellaRoi colours
6. BellaRoi adds speech bubbles and sfx, etc.
7. BellaRoi uploads to smackjeeves.

D8 So uh... don't call it just my webcomic. xD cuz it's mostly hers <3 <3 <3

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I keep forgetting I have this thing D:

Probably cuz I'm not a drama-llama and don't really vent my anger anywhere unless I'm SUPER PISSED. XD

But I'm SUPER HAPPY. Wanna know why? - All of next week is a vacation for me! :D I don't get paid and will have to go hungry a little or sacrifice being late on my bills a bit for it - but you know? I'm fucking tired of working and just need to relax. There was no 'downtime' after Christmas rush in our store and it's been more than useless me having only one day off here and there. So I asked my manager to give me a week off or else I would do something I would regret like mouth-off to people or even quit. XD Cuz I'm like that when I'm stressed out.. "orz

Anyway, will be working on Cart Cart Revolution for the majority of the break which makes me happy. Working on something for 8 consecutive hours makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something instead of working slowly over the week like 3-4 hours a shot. Plus ADD time because I need mini breaks or else my hand gets all jittery and I can't draw worth shit. XD

Also I want a new laptop. Like SRSLY. This one's network card, graphics card and screen are all shot. It's just on borrowed time right now... I think I might be able to get a new one this summer because I just recently got a raise at work O_O

And so off I go to play some Ragnarok Online. XD Cuz I need one of those breaks...