Monday, March 29, 2010

20 fans already like whoa.

.... over at Cart Cart Revolution D: Like when I went to bed we had like 11 fans. *cries* This is so awesome! ;_; It has to be because of the layout.

Anyways... *rolls out of bed* working hard because of several things:
1. Need passport for family reunion and possibly DA meets.
2. Need money for a healthy savings account.
3. Need to get my prescription renewed like omg I only have like 2 weeks left on this thing D: asdasfsdf.
4. Want to try sculpting some more.

Also, spring break sucked. I worked the whole time, and EVERYONE called in 'sick'. There was a day where it was like, only me as a cashier. And everyone in the lineup was busy.
Guys, just cuz it's nice outside, do me a favour and don't go shopping all at once? Go like when it's overcast and raining. You'll have shorter lineups and less people will be in the store. D:>


On the artsy-fartsy side of this journal, I'm getting better at line-art, I think. :'D
Tried traditional art for the first time since I got my tablet. I like this new style. :D hooray for chins!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cleaning house

...deleting old galleries since, um... I don't even use them anymore. Like my elfwood account. and my Side7.

also working at like 800dpi it's like whoa. D: so huge.

also *bangs head on desk* i have to work the next 5 days, and in the morning of the 4th I have to go do my taxes SO CLOSE TO THE DEADLINE ARGH ARGH cuz i couldn't find a place to do them for cheaps >_> so...

ugh please let today be quick asdasfsdf D:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Launching new Webcomic!

:'D Collaborating is so much fun!

here is a link to the website. There is only the cover page for now but more are to come 8D

Will/may contain: gratuitous buttsex, male/male action, vulgar behaviour, inside jokes and Ragnarok Online references. Oh yes, and did we mention SWEARING? 8D